Editorial Policy

Urbancatsph.com is committed to editorial accuracy and integrity. To uphold our mission of making the world a better place for cats and their people, we team up with veterinarians, behaviorists, trainers, and other cat experts to produce the highest-quality content possible.

Our contributors are highly qualified cat lovers. We work with writers who can present up-to-date, accurate information in an accessible manner. We believe prioritizing accuracy and relying on only the most reputable sources is critical to building trust among our readers.

Urbancatsph.com values diversity and inclusion, so we employ contributors worldwide and produce content that supports all races, ethnicities, identities, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic positions.

Our writers work according to our monthly writing schedule. Their assignments are created based on our brand’s voice and style, specific content guidelines, and industry research. The content we publish is always original and exclusive to urbancatsph.com. We have a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism.

Our Values

At urbancatsph.com, we’re here to help make the world a better place for cats and their people. From in-depth cat product reviews to veterinarian-written guides and stories celebrating the feline-human bond, we offer responsible, positive content that encourages and empowers people to do the best for their cats.

We do what’s right for cats. 

Our team is 100% cat-obsessed, and we’re dedicated to providing safe, reputable information that keeps cats happy and healthy. That’s why we work with a team of veterinarians and behaviorists to ensure the information we share is responsible and aligned with best practices.

We don’t anthropomorphize.

At urbancatsph.com, we celebrate our cats’ natural instincts and respect their individuality. We don’t anthropomorphize and don’t condone species-inappropriate activities. 

We respect our audience.

Our audience deserves powerful stories and in-depth, well-researched information. Instead of fluffy cat content, urbancatsph.com is dedicated to giving savvy cat owners outstanding information to feel empowered to give their cats the best.

We encourage and don’t shame.

The urbancatsph.com audience includes a diverse community with different backgrounds, cultures, values, and lifestyles. While we take a firm stance on feline welfare, we don’t shame cat owners for their financial situation, knowledge level, or values. Instead, we empower them to do their best for their cats.

We offer outstanding experiences. 

Our content is consistent, high-quality, and accurate, with expert writers and presenters, in-depth fact-checking, and top-notch production. Readers and viewers get value out of everything we do.

We’re serious about not being “bought”.

While other cat product reviewers receive free products in exchange for reviews and even accept money behind the scenes for a good review, we have a strict no-paid reviews policy. We buy all our products for review and test them with actual cats.

Our Stance on Key Cat Issues

Urbancatsph.com invites unique positions on various cat topics from our writers. However, we take a consistent position on the following cat issues:


Urbancatsph.com is anti-declawing, and we don’t encourage cat owners to have their cats undergo this procedure under any circumstances. Instead, we educate owners about how to redirect unwanted scratching behavior and indulge their cats’ instincts healthily.

Outdoor Cats

At urbancatsph.com, we encourage cat owners to keep their cats indoors unless closely supervised. Cats should only go outdoors if using a harness and leash or kept inside of a well-secured, safe catio. We encourage people to make their own decisions about where and how their cats live, but we will always strive to inform people about the risks of outdoor living.

Rehoming Cats

While rehoming cats is sometimes necessary, we recognize that behavioral solutions can resolve most reasons cats are surrendered and rehomed. We will never recommend surrender as the first option; readers are always encouraged to seek less traumatic solutions first.

Veterinary Care

While our veterinary team writes expert content and is available to respond to queries in the urbancatsph.com forum, the content published on urbancatsph.com does not replace veterinary care. We always advise that readers seek veterinary advice and attention for any health concerns.

Violence and Punishment

Urbancatsph.com does not condone the violent punishment of animals. We advise deterrence, redirection, and positive reinforcement for behavioral modification, and we will never encourage readers to physically punish their cats.

Clothing & Costumes

As part of our policy on cat-appropriate care and avoiding excessive anthropomorphization, we do not recommend cats are “dressed up” or wear clothing. The only exceptions are situations where this is practical and beneficial to the cat—for example, a comfortable jacket or sweater for a hairless cat or a harness for walking on a leash.

Spaying & Neutering

We encourage cat owners to have their cats spayed and neutered to help reduce feline overpopulation, prevent common behavioral issues, and keep them safe and healthy.

Flea Treatment

Urbancatsph.com encourages cat owners to treat their cats for fleas responsibly. Indoor cats may require flea treatment if exposed to them through outdoor dogs or other affected animals. Regular preventative treatment is ideal for cats who go outside.


We advocate for microchipping and recommend that all cat owners have their cats chipped with regular updates to the registry information.


We encourage all cat owners to have their cats receive essential kittenhood vaccinations and regular rabies vaccinations as recommended by their vet. Titer testing is recommended.

Our Review Process

Our reviews are based on extensive research and, when possible, hands-on testing. Each review begins with hours of research, exploring the product category, competing brands, and more.

Content Update Policy

The editorial team at urbancatsph.com works diligently to update published content for accuracy and to improve quality where needed. Readers will find a “Updated” date on our articles, indicating the last time a team member made substantial changes to a page.

We also love it when our readers write in, and we’ll update pages according to community feedback.